Upcoming Event

Special Get-together for all Have Citizens in and around Accra-Tema Metropolis.
Date: 4th March, 2017
Venue: Next Door Beach Resort, Teshie, Opposite Military Academy, Accra
Time: 12:00 noon.

It is time to socialise, familiarise with our families in this age of increasing urbanization,
strengthen our bonds as a people and renew our energies for the common purpose building our Homeland in 2017 and beyond.

In this light, all sons and daughters of Have, friends and family are warmly invited to this social get-together.

Your most cherished Borborbor will certainly be available with a lot of activities  to rejuvenate you.

You are also encouraged to come along with your SPECIAL delicacies to share with friends and family.

The family awaits you on the 4th March.

Let's spend time together, it is looooog weekend

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