Education – Have Schools

The town has over the years achieved significant milestones in area of education and infrastructural development. Specifically, the town can boast of a technical institute, nine junior secondary schools and nine primary schools. These schools have over the years turned out many products who occupy prominent positions in Ghana today. As part of the Agadevi Schools’ Rehabilitation Project, a six-classroom bock unit together with a library has recently been put up to replace the old Agadevi school block at E. P Junior Schools. This was facilitated by the Social Infrastructure Fund (SIF) with the District Assembly and the Have Community providing local counterpart funding. It is worth-noting that proceeds of Agadevi Festival were used to complement the funding required from Have Community.


Electricity and Water

The town is one of the first towns in the District to be connected to the National Grid. This was achieved largely through the efforts of the people. The town has, in addition, been provided with potable water through the collaborative efforts of the people and Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).


Have, in the past used to be an important market centre in the district. However, due to slack in economic activities in the area, this market remained largely inactive for the two decades. The Afadzato South District Assembly, recognising the potential of this market, not only to the town but also to the district as whole, has recently decided to revamp this market. This has so far been effective.

Have Health Centre

Have is noted to be the first in the area to build a clinic to serve the town and all its surrounding villages. The Ministry of Health upgraded this clinic to a Health Centre in the 1980s. The health facility includes nurses’ quarters to house the medical staff. The centre benefited from Japanese Grant for the construction of a modern laboratory. It is expected that the Ministry of Health will in the near future elevate this facility to a hospital status to better serve the teeming population. The facility has recently received an ambulance from a German philanthropist Sonja Liggett-Igelmund.



A post office was established at Have in the 1950’s. This Post Office was the oldest in the area and had served the people until the mid-80’s when its operations declined drastically leading to its eventual closure. 

Five major mobile telephony services namely, MTN, Expresso, Vodafone, Airtel and Tigo are fully accessible.

Security – Police Station

Have has a police station that provides security services for the area. The Police barrier at Have plays a dominant role in ensuring security in the Region due to its strategic location. It serves surrounding towns from Kpeve to Logba. A modern police station is about to be constructed by the Afadzato South District Assembly.

Agadevi Town Hall/ Library Complex

The town currently has no recreational, civic centre or community centre. The on-going Agadevi Project will when completed, not only provide recreational resort to the people, but also serve as a meeting place/town hall where people from all walks of life can assemble for important occasions. The centre will also provide offices for the Have Traditional Council and include a central modern library with ICT facilities.

Have Agadevi Town Hall/ Library Complex
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