Agriculture in Have


The principal economic activity for the people is farming. Have has a vast grass and forestlands suitable for the production of any tropical crop including food and cash crops. The town, additionally, is noted for its all year round supply of fruits in the region. Typical crops grown in the area include:

Food Crop Cash Crop Fruits
Cassava Cocoa Banana
Yam Coffee Pear
Rice Cotton Coconut
Coco yam Tobacco Orange
Beans Ginger Sugar Cane
Maize Onions Pineapple
Plantain Cashew Guava
Groundnut Papaya
Soybeans Mango

Cassava is further processed into gari or agbelimawoe (agbelima) for sale in the cities. In view of the land’s suitability for a large variety of agricultural products, Have has witnessed a large presence of alien settler farmers particularly from southern Volta. These settlers have over the years developed their own farming communities, set up schools etc and are actively involved in food cropping. There are currently five different settler communities.

Fishing and Animal Husbandry

River Dayi at Have

Additionally, the construction of the Akosombo Dam in the 1960’s resulted in the River Dayi expanding its banks around Kpeve-Have area. This led to a boom in the fishing industry along River Dayi at Have. Here again, settlers with the consent of the chiefs of Have, had developed communities along the river for fishing. These communities supply the town, Kpeve, Ho, Logba and other towns with fresh water fish.

The area is also good for animal rearing. The following types of animals are particularly reared in the area: Cattle, Goat, Sheep and Poultry.

There are potentials for commercial farming in the area. With vast track lands along the river, the area is attractive for large-scale commercial farming. There is also the potential for fish farming as well as animal rearing on commercial scale.


The place is suitable for setting up of industries particularly agro-based industries. The availability and proximity of the source of raw materials is an important determinant for setting up such industries. Such industries can add value to farm products in areas of:
·    Starch production
·    Gari processing
·    Cannery
·    Sugar
·    Incense and perfumery
·    Fruit juice processing
·    Tannery
There is a ready labour market provided by products of the Technical Institute.


Have has potentials for being developed into a tourist centre in the region. Surrounded by a number of tourist sites the town can be a good location for hotels, artefacts centre, and district museum. Among the numerous tourists attractions in the area are: the monkey sanctuary at Tafi Atome, Mt Gemi at Amedzofe, the confluence of rivers Dayi and Volta at Kpeve, the sites of Agadevi (landslide), ancestral shrines and caves at Have and Wli Waterfall.


Have by virtue of its strategic location is more amenable for development into a commercial centre. The town is easily accessible to people from all over the region. It is about one hundred and sixty kilometres (160 km) from Accra. With the revamping of the new market, Have is expected to witness an influx of visitors and a boost in commercial activities in the near future.
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