Have Traditional Area Composite Structure

Divisional Area Position Stool Name
Akleme Fiaga (Paramountcy): Togbe Asemtsyra Stool
Etoe Ngofia (Front wing) Togbe Makata Stool
Domefe Dusimefia (Right wing) Togbe Krakani Apawu Stool
Agome Miamefia (Left wing) Togbe Akoto Stool
Atsiame Megbefia (Rear wing Togbe Kokotsitsi Stool

Have Traditional Council. Courtesy of Have Citizens


Traditional Oaths

The supreme oath of the Have traditional Area is the “Haveawo fe Domesigbe”.
This oath is an expression of the fierce and bloody encounter Haveawo had with the Ashantis on 26th July 1869.
Other subordinate oaths are Akomuveme, Kpeyeme, Dzogofekpa and Tandafeto.

Traditional Drums

The popular drums respected by the people of Have are Wuga (Agblorwu/Tumpani), Adawatram, Asomfoawu,
Kantem, Gedegrehini, Metsrimedi, Tutuo, Gabada (Egbanegba), Akayevi, Dzida and Gbolo.

There are five borborbor and cultural troupes at Have. Borborbor is a favourite dance in the Central Volta.
Three of these groups, “Miawoewoanyo” and “New Ghana” and Unity Band, have dominated the Borborbor
scene in the Region over the last five years.


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