Location: Central part of Volta Region (known as Ewedome) at the foot of Weto, on the Accra-Hohoe road

Population: 18,000 people

Paramount Chief: Togbega Asemtsyra IX

Main Economic Activities: Farming, trading and woodwork

Schools: Have Technical Institute, E. P Basic Schools, R.C Basic Schools,

Health: Have Health Centre

Meaning of Agadevi

“AGADEVI” marks a major landslide that occurred on 15th June 1933 on a section of the Akwapim-Togo Range at the foot of which Have is situated. “AGADEVI”, meaning: “the mountain broke into fragments”, is the term used by the people of Have to describe this wonderful and frightful phenomenon. The people of Have have since then been celebrating the event as thanksgiving to the Almighty God and also to honour Him for His saving grace, deliverance and protection from an imminent annihilation.

Significance of Agadevi

The Agadevi Festival has over the years not only become a rallying and unifying occasion for the people of Have, but also a channel for resource mobilisation towards development. It presents a unique opportunity to showcase the achievements of the community, its economic and tourism potential to attract investment as well as put the community on the national and world polity.

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