Togbega Asemtsyra IX

The Paramount Chief of Have Traditional Area delivering a speech during Agadevi Festival

Have Agadevi Festival 2019

Theme: “Agadevi 2019: Redefining Our Development Aspirations”
Dates: 10th - 16th June, 2019.     Durbar: Saturday, 15th June
Image: Location of Have in the Volta Region of Ghana

Location of "Have"

Have is located in the western valley of the Akwapim Togo mountain range, locally called Ewetogbeka or Nyito, in the Afadzato South District of the Volta Region of Ghana. It is bounded on the south by Agate, on the north by Nyagbo, on the east by the mountain range and in the west by river Dayi ...
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Haveawo at Have Agadevi Festival

Origin of Name

Oral evidence indicates that Have, Woadze and Goviefe, all descended from one ancestor, called Agoe. The three sister divisions sprang from the three sons of “Grandmother Agoe. The eldest son being the father of Have descendants. The traditional name “Govie-Duta –Etɔ” meaning triple towns
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Meaning of Have Agadevi Festival

Meaning of Agadevi

“AGADEVI” marks a major landslide that occurred on 15th June 1933 on a section of the Akwapim-Togo Range at the foot of which Have is situated. “AGADEVI”, meaning: “the mountain broke into fragments”, is the term used by the people of Have to describe this wonderful and frightful phenomenon. 
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Facts about Have Community and Have Traditional Area

Basic Facts

Population: 18,000 people
Paramount Chief:
Togbega Asemtsyra IX
Main Economic Activities: Farming, trading and woodwork
Schools: Have Technical Institute, E.P. Basic Schools, R.C Basic Schools, LA/A and LA/B, ...
Health: Have Health Centre

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The Migratory Story of Have

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES Like the other tribesmen of the Ewes, the people of Have migrated from the Sudan, travelled through Ketu in the Niger, and lived in Notsie or Glime. Forced by the tyranny and inhuman treatment of King Agorkorli, the Ewes escaped from Notsie in 1670. During their flight, the Haveawo travelled westwards and first settled at Loglota in the Republic of Togo. They then moved to Havega also in Togo and later settled in Adaklu.

Unfavourable circumstances, primarily, lack of good drinking water made them leave Adaklu and continued their journey westwards. They crossed the river Dayi and settled at Tsawegbe by the banks of the river.

Later, they were attracted by the vibrant valley between the luxuriant mountain range and the river. This coupled with the presence of many springs from the mountain made them move nearer to the mountain, to settle in their present location.
  • Have During the Colonial Era
  • Have Traditional Council
  • The Effect of the World Wars
  • Revolt Against the German Administration
  • Natural Endowments
  • Composition
  • Current Composite Structure
  • ... etc

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DEMOGRAPHICS - Composition of Have

Have is made up of five townships namely
Etoe in the south, and Akleme, Atsiame, Agorme and Domefe in the north, collectively referred to as Gboxome. Etoe is made up of three sub-divisions, namely, Etoedzigbe, Ablodi and Tegbevi.
There is in addition a number of settler communities doted along the banks of river Dayi. These include Aveyoyoe, Sadzikofe, Adzekofe, Ando Number 1 and 2.

Have Agadevi Festival History

..., the rain continued in torrents. At midnight, I heard a spine-chilling sound. The density of the noise could be likened to a canon fired into a big hole. There was a great commotion in the distance, which drew closer to my residence. It appeared as if a gigantic motor vehicle had stopped by my house with the engine revving. I sat on my bed and listened for a while. The sound drew closer and closer. It looked as if the vehicle was about to enter the house. But it was not possible for any vehicle to enter the premises. Besides, there was no head lamp seen.  I became totally confused. I opened the door, came out and noticed that the fence around the house had disappeared. I heard gushing and rushing sound of water. I attempted getting out but could not. I made a second attempt through the kitchen to the children’s room but failed this too. I returned onto my corridor disappointed. I made the third daring attempt and succeeded by climbing a short wall behind the children’s window and made it to the window.

I banged the window and shouted with all my might “wake up! wake up! Our house is flooded. Make no attempt to get through the door, but I shall help you through the window,”...
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Uniting all Citizens for Focused Development

15th June

Togbe Makata



 Citizens playing a game called "Kpo"


Haveawo ... Have le korkoe ...
Traditional Oaths The supreme oath of the Have traditional Area is the “Haveawo fe Domesigbe”. This oath is an expression of the fierce and bloody encounter Haveawo had with the Ashantis on 26th July 1869. Other subordinate oaths are Akomuveme, Kpeyeme, Dzogofekpa and Tandafeto.
Traditional Drums The popular drums respected by the people of Have are Wuga (Agblorwu/Tumpani), Adawatram, Asomfoawu, Kantem, Gedegrehini, Metsrimedi, Tutuo, Gabada (Egbanegba), Akayevi, Dzida and Gbolo.
Borborbor  There are five borborbor and cultural troupes at Have. Borborbor is a favourite dance in the Central Volta. Three of these groups, “Miawoewoanyo”, “New Ghana” and "Unity Band," have dominated the Borborbor scene in the Region over the last five years. Others are Agbeyeye, Adevu Cultural Troupe, ...


Have Agadevi Planning/ Development Committee ... The Haveawo say, "AYEEKOO!"
Agadevi Town Hall/Library Complex
The on-going Agadevi Project will when completed, not only provide recreational resort to the people, but also serve as a meeting place/town hall where people ....

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Education Endowment Fund
The community has recently launched Have Education Endowment fund. The aim is to offer support to brillian but needy students, improve the quality of education at Have among others ... etc

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Have is blessed with wide range of infrastructure including but not limited to Have Schools, Electricity and Water, Market, Health Centre, Post Office, Mobile Telephony Services, Police Station, e.t.c .

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